The Connected Decade:

A Look at Consumer Demand for Interconnectivity over the Next 10 Years through Assurant's Research & Innovation Project

Assurant’s Connected Decade Study

Assurant's latest research explores consumer attitudes towards connected devices. In Australia, most households own an average of 6.7 connected devices and 68% of respondents agree that technology has a positive impact on lives.


Technology adoption is at a high level and respondents are keen to see more value-added services and tech support availability to move them from the considering phase to the buying stage.

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average number of connected devices Australians own.

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of Australians agree that smart technology has improved life.

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of Australians say buying a refurbished device to contribute to sustainability is of interest to them

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of the younger generation surveyed in our Connected Decade study in Australia are more likely to update their smartphone model next year


The 2023 Connected Decade Report

What's Driving Connected Consumer Behaviors?

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